Hello world!

I have just decided that I should be more serious with what I like to do in my life.  I have always loved foods and cooking. I even once dreamed to open my own restaurant. Although I am not so sure if I have a talent for cooking as many of my trials have failed pathetically, I am always more than eager to try new recipes and spend hours in the kitchen correcting the disaster that I have created, somestimes just to make it become another disaster. Now it’s time to get serious with this cooking hobby. I will create my own space to share the love for cooking. Probably in a few years time I will open my own restaurant. Who knows?

So here I come. This is just a perfect morning to do it.

Saigon, June 12, 2010


2 Responses

  1. hey chi A,
    Just to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog (dont have much time though). I always think that I’d go to work for a few years, then quit and open a restaurant/cafe of my own. And now I saw me in your entry. Small world, isnt it?
    Heres another cooking blog that I like, apart from the famous Gocbep, Khai Tam and Lien Rom

    • Hihi thanks em. How on earth can you find this blog?

      Bật mí nha. This wordpress account is opened inspired by you ;D. Reckon I should get serious with what I like.

      Now we have 3 things in common, cooking, food and a restaurant dream. Those would be enough to create a strong friendship bonding, so do stop by sometimes em nhé.

      Take care.

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